By-laws accepted by the Steering Committee November 17, 2000

1. Chairperson
1.1 The chairperson shall call and preside at all meetings of the Steering Committee and shall perform such duties as usually pertain to that office and shall appoint all other committee chairpersons as necessary to carry out the functions of the Steering Committee, with approval of the Steering Committee.

2. Steering Committee

2.1 The Steering Committee is constituted of past chairperson, chairperson, chairperson-elect, treasurer, three members-at-large, membership chairperson, webmaster, and the current conference chairperson.
2.2 The chairperson is elected by the registered participants at the annual Conference for Generalists and shall NOT serve more than one consecutive three-year term: first year as chairperson-elect second as chairperson, third as past chairperson.
2.3 The three members-at-large of the Steering Committee are elected by registered participants at the annual Conference for Generalists. Members-at-large shall serve nonconsecutive terms of three years, staggered to insure the election of one new representative each year.
2.4 The organization's treasurer membership chairperson and webmaster are appointed by the Chairman, with approval by the Steering Committee, at the annual Conference for Generalists.
2.5 Members of the Steering Committee may hold only one office at a time. In the event that any current member is elected to another position, an interim replacement shall be elected by the registered participants at the annual Conference.
2.6 A designated person acting as liaison to the AAMC is invited to meet with the Steering Committee.
2.7 In the event that a member of the Steering Committee is unable to complete their elected term of office, the remaining members of the Steering Committee will decide on the method of filling the vacated position and its responsibilities. The membership will be informed of the Steering Committee's decision at the next business meeting.

3. Other Committees

3.1 Conference Planning Committee. This committee shall be responsible for planning and organizing the annual Conference. The committee established by the annual program chairperson should include at least one member from the previous year's planning committee. In the event no specific institution(s) accept(s) responsibility for an annual Conference, the Steering Committee shall assume this responsibility and have authority to divide the planning responsibilities accordingly.
3.2 Other committees for specific tasks or areas of responsibility may be appointed by the chairperson as needed, subject to the approval of the Steering Committee.

4. Elections

4.1 Nominating Committee. At least three months prior to each annual Conference the chairperson shall name three Generalists in Medical Education to serve as a Nominating Committee. Nominating Committee members shall NOT be members of the Steering Committee. At least one month prior to the annual Conference and after having ascertained the acceptances for nomination from the nominees, the Nominating Committee shall present to the chairperson a slate of nominees for each of the offices being vacated. The chairperson shall communicate the list of nominees to the Steering Committee for discussion and approval prior to the business meeting and election.
4.2 The election shall take place at the annual Conference where other nominations from the floor shall be accepted. Members of the Nominating Committee may not nominate themselves for office but may be nominated from the floor.
4.3 New Officers. New officers shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the annual Conference at which they were elected.

5. Modifying the Bylaws

5.1 Amendments to the Bylaws may be made by consensus of the Steering Committee upon the recommendation of a participant at any annual Conference.